Home Corner - Flint Striker Fire Starter With Built In Compass, Whistle and Tender Storage
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Flint Striker Fire Starter With Built In Compass, Whistle and Tender Storage
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Be ready for any emergency with this 4-in-1 Fire Starter, Dry Tender Compartment,  Compass and Whistle 
The flint striker can be used to start a fire in an emergency situation, it has a spare compartment to keep dry tender for easy fire starting.
Can get up to 8,000 strikes on the flint starter.
Each side of the flint striker has some help reminders on how to preform SOS signal using morse code.
It also has the alpine recuse signal in morse code and other hand signals for help.
The built in compass can help navigate your way when you are lost.
It comes with an adjustable nylon cord that can be used to wear as a necklace.
The cord also has a built in emergency whistle for signaling.



 - 8,000 strikes and built-in storage for dry tender for east fire starting 

- Built in compass

- Built in whistle

- Wear as a necklace to have on you at all times

- More code for SOS printed on side for easy reminder 


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